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The Nuclear Energy Agency has a long history of organising internationally peer-reviewed, evaluated benchmark projects under the auspices of the Nuclear Science Committee and the Data Bank. These include experiments and analytic studies in several domain areas including criticality safety, reactor physics, shielding, fuel performance, spent fuel analyses and more. Resources for the use of these benchmarks include not only the evaluated descriptions of the experiments or analytic systems, but associated materials such as computational models, reference calculation results, correlations between benchmarks and sensitivities of physical parameters to basic nuclear data.

Materials accessible at the NEA

The pages on this site link to the following resources:

  • Official public documentation for NEA benchmark projects
  • Portals to request access to controlled benchmark content
  • Links to NEA applications and relational databases for benchmarks
  • Access to public and restricted supplemental resources, including benchmark computational models, reference results, sensitivity profiles and metadata
Name Application Website Request Codes
International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation Project DICE ICSBEP NEA-1486 Serpent-2
International Fuel Performance Experiments DATIF IFPE NEA-1664 FINIX
International Reactor Physics Experiment Evaluation IDAT IRPhE NEA-1765 Serpent-2
Spent Fuel Isotopic Composition SFCOMPO SFCOMPO
Shielding Integral Benchmark Archive and Database SINBAD NEA-1517

Accessing restricted content

Some materials are subject to access restrictions, including content that may be accessible only to those representing organisations officially nominated by delegations of member countries. For more information, please review the access rules or contact: