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EXchange FORmat (EXFOR) differential nuclear measurement data

As a founding centre of the international Nuclear Reaction Data Centres network (NRDC) the NEA Data Bank supports the compilation of experimental data into the world-wide EXFOR database, for all member country data measured in the following two areas:

  • '2': neutron-induced reactions
  • 'O': charged-particle-induced reactions

The Data Bank has uninterruptedly supported the EXFOR compilation effort since the creation of the NRDC network in 1966.

The IAEA maintains two important lists that summarise the:

If you are aware of any other errors or data that should be compiled an included in EXFOR, please contact

Project management

Currently, only areas 2 and O are managed in the NEA GitLab system. All version control, issue management and tracking is co-ordinated in this platform. Feedback to other NRDC centres is also managed in this system, and allocation lists for EXFOR compilers.

Access for NRDC members

The repositories containing the preliminary and finalised EXFOR transmissions, issue boards and quality assurance tracking are included in the Data Bank EXFOR repositories.


Access to the Data Bank is restricted to Data Bank delegates and members of the NRDC. Please contact for more information.