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Spent Fuel Isotopic Composition (SFCOMPO)

SFCOMPO 2.0, Spent Fuel Isotopic Composition, is a relational database designed to facilitate the search and visualisation of experimental assay data of spent nuclear fuel. It allows the user to access, plot and export isotopic composition data, reactor operational histories and relevant design data relating to spent fuel samples.

Find more information online at the SFCOMPO website

SFCOMPO models

No simulation models

The Data Bank does not have models for SFCOMPO systems for simulation tools. If you are interested in providing model data, please use the contact information below.


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F. Michel-Sendis et al., "SFCOMPO-2.0: An OECD NEA Database of Spent Nuclear Fuel isotopic Assays, Reactor Design Specifications and Operating Data", Annals of Nuclear Energy 110, 779-788 (2017), DOI:10.1016/j.anucene.2017.07.022