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How to access the NEA GitLab

All users must have an account in order to access the NEA GitLab system. The account is created when you first request a package from the Data Bank and the request is fully processed and approved. This requires you to identify yourself to the NEA and provide an official institutional affiliation and associated, verifiable contact information.

Only requests from nominated establishments are accepted. If you do not belong to a nominated establishment, please read the guidelines for becoming a nominated establishment in our service rules article.

Requesting a Data Bank package

Users who have been licensed for one or multiple packages from the Data Bank that have content on the NEA GitLab are automatically granted accounts and can authenticate. Users can find and request a package from the list with GitLab content or from the complete catalogs of computer codes or integral experiments. Only licensees to packages with GitLab content will receive a GitLab account.

Once you have found the package you wish to obtain from the computer program catalogue, you can request it by clicking on the package ID (in blue) and following the instructions. Please be cautious when entering your personal details, in particular: - Please enter all your citizenships and your institutional email address. - Please carefully select your Liaison Officer. They should be affiliated to your institution at your given working location. - If requested, please provide a substantive and complete description of the use case(s).

If you have any issues, please contact us at either

or, for those requesting access to nuclear data materials, please contact:

For those requesting access to benchmark materials, please use one of the emails above or contact the NEA Secretariat responsible. These vary by working group and project.

First login

Once access has been granted, you must use your official institutional email account and the ADD password sent to you by the NEA automated systems. If you need a reminder of this password, please visit:

Your first login will authenticate and populate the GitLab account for you. You should be granted rights to all licensed project and/or group areas. If any are missing, please contact us.

Access rights for delegate areas

For those participating in mandated bodies within the NEA, nomination by the relevant national delegation, representative international organisation or invitation by the Chairperson of the relevant body may be required. Please contact the NEA Secretariat for more information.