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Overview of nuclear data services

The NEA Data Bank hosts several Nuclear Data Services, including co-ordination of the Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion (JEFF) Nuclear Data Library Project.

Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion (JEFF) nuclear data library

The NEA GitLab is used to rigorously version control all fundamental evaluated nuclear data files and, in some cases, more elementary information such as input data for nuclear reaction modelling codes, resonance or other nuclear model parameters, and other output data that is serialised by evaluated file preparation tools.

TALYS-based Evaluated Nuclear Data Library (TENDL)

Led by the International Atomic Energy Agency and long-standing members and observers to the JEFF project, TENDL data comprise the majority of the most recent JEFF data sets and the current test versions. This includes a set of rigorously defined model-based calculations with complete variance-covariance data to perform uncertainty quantification and propagation. All TENDL data are processed through the NEA GitLab to record all steps as part of the quality assurance procedures of the Data Bank.

Archives of other evaluated nuclear data libraries

The Data Bank hosts an archive of evaluated nuclear data libraries that have been created around the world over the past 50+ years. These are provided in their raw, evaluated ENDF-6 formats and, on a case-by-case basis, they have been processed at the NEA Data Bank. For the most recent libraries, the Data Bank has integrated the processing into the NEA GitLab to ensure complete transparency and reproducibility of all processes and outputs.

Nuclear Reaction Data Centre (NRDC) Network

The International Network of Nuclear Reaction Data Centres (NRDC) constitutes a worldwide cooperation of nuclear data centres under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Network was established to coordinate the world-wide collection, compilation and dissemination of nuclear reaction data.

As one of the core data centres of the NRDC, the NEA Data Bank performs compilation and related services for all NEA Data Bank member countries. A complete set of EXFOR information is available within JANIS and master copies are provided directly by the IAEA. Management of all NEA-co-ordinated EXFOR activities occurs in collaboration with the other centres within the NEA GitLab.

Java-based Nuclear Information System (JANIS)

JANIS (Java-based nuclear information software) is a display program designed to facilitate the visualisation and manipulation of nuclear data. Its objective is to allow the user of nuclear data to access numerical values and graphical representations without prior knowledge of the storage format. It offers maximum flexibility for the comparison of different nuclear data sets.

JANIS will be helpful to engineers and physicists who use nuclear data for their applications. Its powerful and user-friendly navigation tools make it particularly suitable for educational purposes.