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About the NEA GitLab

The Data Bank of the Nuclear Energy Agency is responsible for collection, testing, and distributing nuclear computer code libraries and data. The Data Bank hosts a GitLab system to serve users with git repositories for ease of access to some of its resources, rigorous version control, collaborative development and automated testing and deployment processes.

Features offered by this repository include:

  • Searching for and requesting access to codes and data of interest.
  • Reporting bugs and issues found in codes and data.
  • Contributing to codes and data stored in the git systems.
  • Submitting new revisions and updates to existing codes and data (for approved code owners and developers).
  • Access to entire virtual environments with Docker containers using pre-installed software identical to those used by Data Bank staff for testing.

This service does not replace the conventional way in which NEA Data Bank distributes nuclear computer codes and data that require licenses and other restrictions. Where relevant, users are redirected to the request pages to access delegate areas and make requests through their Data Bank Liaison Officers.