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JAva-based Nuclear Information System (JANIS)

JANIS (Java-based nuclear information software) is a display program designed to facilitate the visualisation and manipulation of nuclear data. Its objective is to allow the user of nuclear data to access numerical values and graphical representations without prior knowledge of the storage format. It offers maximum flexibility for the comparison of different nuclear data sets.

JANIS will be helpful to engineers and physicists who use nuclear data for their applications. Its powerful and user-friendly navigation tools make it particularly suitable for educational purposes.

Access JANIS

The NEA JANIS homepage contains more information and download links, including the downloadable standalone version. The JANIS web hosts a user-friendly search and browse interface that also links to the JANIS books that provide interactive data visualisation without requiring Java. The books available are listed by their incident particles:


For more information, please contact:

Please note that this is a reference for the JANIS application. References to all data contained should be made to the relevant data authors.


N. Soppera, M. Bossant, E. Dupont, "JANIS 4: An Improved Version of the NEA Java-based Nuclear Data Information System", Nuclear Data Sheets, Volume 120, June 2014, Pages 294-296, DOI:10.1016/j.nds.2014.07.071