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Rules for accessing Data Bank services

Nominated establishments within NEA Data Bank participating countries are granted access to the Computer Program Services (CPS) of the Data Bank. For NEA Data Bank participating countries, the nomination process is described in the diagram below. The process requires a nominated Liaison Officer (LO) for the establishment where the end-user makes a request. In the event your establishment does have a LO but is within a Data Bank participating country, please contact us for more information. If your establishment is not within the Data Bank participating countries, please consult the rules for non-participating countries below.

Role of the Liaison Officer

Each nominated establishment has a Liaison Officer. Liaison Officers are the main contact person between their establishment and the Data Bank Computer Program Services. In particular, they are responsible for (but not only):

  • initiating or validating all package requests originating from their establishment (end-users can initiate their own requests);
  • ensuring a good distribution of all packages they receive from the Data Bank, making clear to end-users the restrictions applying to the code they receive; and
  • distributing the information they receive from Data Bank on computer programs updates and upcoming training courses.

Liaison Officers are nominated by members of the Management Board for the Development, Application and Validation of Nuclear Data and Codes, which oversees the work of the Data Bank.

Non-member country requests (suspended)

Since 1 December 2022, our services to IAEA member states that are not members of the OECD have been suspended. When resumed, more information will be provided in this page.