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Contributing to GitLab contents

If you have developed or are working on a project with application in nuclear science, engineering and/or technology, and are interested in sharing with the international community through the Data Bank, please find some information to help guide you.

New or updated software

If relevant, please contact your national export control office or government to secure permission to export the materials to other countries.

Once you are ready, please contact us at to start the deposition and testing process. We normally ask for content including the source or, if source will not be distributed, binaries compiled for standard operating systems. We can assist in compiling and prefer to do so with containerised environments to ensure reproducibility.

We also request other resources, including:

  • User's manual
  • Installation guide
  • Test problem input and output files
  • Report on the validation procedure used and information on validation/benchmarking (if available)
  • Reference/citation document (if different from above)
  • Any publications or DOIs that can be included in the citation guidance (if available)

We also require a complete abstract of information about your software and can assist you in preparing this information. You can find the template online.

You can decide to host this material on the NEA GitLab and/or simply as downloadable files.

Experimental data

We host and/or support a wide range of data preservation and knowledge management activities, ranging from basic differential nuclear reaction measurements to full reactor multi-physics benchmarks, including:

  • Evaluated nuclear data files (e.g. JEFF or other ENDF/GNDS data)
  • Nuclear reaction measurements (e.g. EXFOR)
  • Nuclear structure data
  • Bibliographic data on nuclear physics measurements (e.g. CINDA)
  • Processed, application-specific data for software packages

If you are interested in contributing to the creation of data, providing data or giving feedback on any data distributed at the Data Bank, please contact us at:

Models and other computational resources

The Data Bank hosts and distributes a range of benchmark data sets and resources for software modelling, verification and validation using those data. These are listed on our catalogue pages and can be accessed by licensees to specific packages.

If you are interested in contributing to an existing suite of models, simply request a license and access to the repositories, where you will be granted rights to propose updates/improvements and submit them to the project owners for review. If you are interested in contributing models or other resources for a project that is not yet available, please contact us at:

Training at the NEA Data Bank

The Data Bank hosts several training courses throughout the year on the most requested software packages from our members. You can find more information on our website.

If you are interested in participating, please register through the link above. If you are interested in contributing to a training course at the Data Bank, please contact us at: